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HTTP://(WWW.) is now online almost 24 hours !

Online when requested: Webradio - OGG Stream
If you want my adress for any specific reasons, contact me by mail inside the Impressum

This server is hosting: Collected Trackermusic, Scenemusic, Netlabelmusic, Amiga Demos, PC Demos, C64 Demos, and more from the best NON-COMMERCIAL Demoscene and Netlabel sources.

As i am hosting this at home and only have some generic DSL connection, i can only offer slow download rates, sorry for this ;)
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I do not agree at all with Mozilla's treatment of Brendan Eich and their legacy users/add-on and theme developers, while they favoring Chrome users only today. Past/present members of Mozilla's anti-functionality team are for example:

1) Benjamin Smedberg
2) Blake Winton
3) MattN
4) Jorge Villalobos
5) The leading guys online in Mozilla's #ux and #webextensions irc channels which are located inside Mozilla's irc server, located here:

and more from here: UX Team

I heartly recommend you check out Otter-Browser, a new browser for power users which bows not down to simplicity and minimalism! Or you could try out Pale Moon, Seamonkey, Qupzila or Qutebrowser :)

Download Otter-Browser today!

2016 - The final last change of the layout, as i am sick and tired of my non existing design skills, so it is best to keep all as simple as possible :D

Greetings, - 2020

Whats new: 2016 Directories, replaced the crappy page against some minimalist clean one, updates of various server softwares, bought the "" domain name :P